Joshua Gaffney Photograhy

The Photographer

Meet Joshua

Joshua Gaffney currently resides in Spartanburg, SC with his lovely family. 

 Joshua Gaffney Photography came into fruition in 2019 through the brainstorming and prayers of Joshua and his wife. In preparation to produce the best quality photography service, Joshua took the necessary training to develop his skills as a photographer. Joshua booked his first photo session back in November of 2019. Since then, he has enjoyed the privilege of serving the Upstate of South Carolina and clientele abroad capturing headshots, weddings, special family occasions, and much more. 

 Joshua doesn’t just view photography as a business, but a gift from God that allows him to capture moments for his patrons to have and share for generations to come. 

“Remembering our Creator, as we seek Him in our Craft, can help us fill our photos with imprints of what is most like Him—things most beautiful, moments that are most memorable, and with memories of love most honorable to His name.”